We are at the beginning of 2021 and hope springs on the horizon. A year that no-one will be able to forget is past, and yet it has brought into sharp focus one thing: only by being united can we overcome obstacles for the greater good

Daniele Bresciani

We stand united at Maranello because, as our founder used to say, the strength of Ferrari is, first and foremost, its people. Through the darkest of months we have held firm to values such as ‘family’, ‘respect’, and ‘solidarity’.

Here, in these galleries of people, our roll call from every Ferrari department showcases those steadfast beliefs. They have experienced highs and the lows, hopes and fears, but above all their faces show the strength which lives in each of us.

A strength that has created new routines just as old ones have been dismantled. A strength that has found a new equilibrium right when our sense of stability has been eroded. A strength that has seen the people of Ferrari – the people who make Ferrari what it is – stand tall and bond inseparably as a force for good.

As always happens when an event overturns our lives – and in this case, the life of our planet – something remains within us. Though wounded by a pernicious word of five letters and two digits, 2020 has re-inforced values, feelings, and elements which perhaps were in need of rediscovery. Things such as family, solidarity, responsibility. And it has re-established the real meaning of one particular word: ‘us’.

That is what the images in these galleries are intended to do. In the faces of our Ferrari colleagues, evident is the pride felt in belonging to a company that is both unique and extraordinary. A company that in this difficult year has distinguished itself in the attention shown toward its employees, toward the region of which it has always been a proud part, and toward the people in most difficulty.

Behind-the-scenes of the Maki Galimberti photoshoot in a studio space adjacent the staff restaurant, 'Il Podio'
Behind-the-scenes of the Maki Galimberti photoshoot in a studio space adjacent the staff restaurant, 'Il Podio'

With the explosion of the virus, Ferrari found itself forced, for the health of its own workers, into an unprecedented suspension of production – as well as the introduction of ‘smart working’ for those office workers able to do so. Yet the factory was never abandoned; it was always staffed, our maintenance colleagues having the delicate job of ensuring everything was in working order for when production would begin again.

Simultaneously, precisely because those at Ferrari are well aware they work in a privileged environment, spontaneous donations began which would continue as the months passed; from those made by the Agnelli family to those made by the Senior Management Team, as well as other donations organised by employees and by clients.

Fundraising saw aid taken to hospitals, schools, and to people in need, as well as the supply of computers, medical equipment and health supplies. This effort even included the production of respirator valves, and the F15 lung ventilator designed by Scuderia Ferrari in collaboration with The Italian Institute of Technology in Genoa.

The ‘Back on Track’ project started in April with the objective of caring first and foremost for the health of employees once production would re-start. It was regarded as an example to follow, and has been recognised by the media as the latest ‘eccellenza Ferrari’. It continues today in its second phase, guaranteeing blood examinations for employees – and their families.

After a year that has been one of the most difficult ever for the whole planet, we wanted to remember the good things that have been done at Maranello, both within its own walls, as well as those toward the outside world. Everything we have gone through has helped us to understand who, and what, we truly are.