Jens Leibhauser is a hotelier and successful Ferrari racer<em> Photo: Lennen Descamps</em>

Jens Liebhauser: hotelier, Ferrari champion!

Hotelier Jens Liebhauser is a passionate Ferrari owner who guarantees a warm welcome to the ferrarista

Jens Liebhauser is one of the fastest businessmen in the world. In managing his hotel chain, he divides his time between Spain and the Austrian Alps, while also finding time to have fun with the Ferrari Challenge Europe. For years now he has been in love with the Prancing Horse. "I bought my first Ferrari in 2006, it was a 599 GTB, says Liebhauser. “Since then I’ve not been able to do without Maranello cars. As soon as a new model comes out, I'm eager to try it, and often end up buying it. At the moment, I own an 812 Superfast, a Portofino, a GTC4 Lusso and before the end of the year I will receive a Ferrari 488 Pista. I can't wait.”

Mr. Liebhauser is a passionate Ferrari driver and collector<em>Photo: Lennen Descamps</em>
Mr. Liebhauser is a passionate Ferrari driver and collectorPhoto: Lennen Descamps

It’s not easy to pick the favourite: "Each car has its own character, its own peculiarities. It’s very difficult to choose. But if I just listen to my heart, I feel that the answer is the 812 Superfast, because it embodies the essence of Ferrari. “It has incredible performance, the iconic V12 engine and the most advanced technology. However, the line has something classic about it with references that bring to mind the 250 GTO of the sixties. It’s a real gem, just like all Maranello cars."


The concept of "a Ferrari for every need" finds full expression in Jens Liebhauser, who frequently travels between Spain and Austria. "Sunny Spain clearly calls for a car like the Portofino, while Ischgl is perfect for the GTC4 Lusso. I love this car, because it is a Ferrari but it offers you four-wheel drive, which in the mountains, especially in winter, is precious. It also has lots of space to carry bags and equipment, such as ski boots and the like. “Then I think that we all have narcissistic side, and every now and then, I like to display all the Ferraris in the courtyard of one of my hotels.”

Jens made his Ferrari Challenge racing debut in 2016
Jens made his Ferrari Challenge racing debut in 2016

Many Prancing Horse customers come to Liebhauser’s hotels: "It is an honour for me to have them as guests. If I see a ferrarista arrive, I don’t hold back and they receive an even more special welcome... Also racing in the Ferrari Challenge, I’ve made many friends so in the winter season almost every weekend some track rival or other is a guest here.” In 2017, Jens became Europe series champion and also won the world title at the Mugello Finali Mondiali. "I've always had racing in my DNA. For years, I competed in karts, also with some success.


Then keeping ahead of loads of kids became too difficult and looking around I found out that I could come and compete with Ferrari. It is a very enjoyable Championship." At each race with the 488 Challenge, he is increasingly excited about receiving the customised version of the Ferrari 488 Pista: "I'm counting down the weeks. I'm very curious to drive this car because it will have many elements in common with my racing car.

The successful driver has already won two titles with Ferrari<em></em>
The successful driver has already won two titles with Ferrari

I chose it in grey. All the cars are in a certain shade of grey (Silverstone Matt Grey) and I can't wait to see mine, which will feature the no. 44 I use in all races". Liebhauser is one of Ferrari’s most receptive customers whenever a new model is presented: "I’d find it hard to let it pass, I simply can’t resist. I love to drive my Ferraris to the limit, testing them out and expecting thrilling performance. I'm not attracted by the classic car market, despite the fact that is becoming more and more a very good investment.


“The only second-hand Ferrari that I would buy is an F1 Clienti single-seater, and I don’t rule out sooner or later giving myself this gift...".