Your best shot: Jamey Price's favourite Ferrari photograph

Your best shot: Jamey Price's favourite Ferrari photograph

The American photographer tells us how he went from racehorses to Prancing Horses

Words: Matthew Barker

Based in Charlotte, North Carolina, photographer Jamey Price has been covering motorsports, including Formula One, endurance racing and NASCAR, since 2011.


The Official Ferrari Magazine: What came first for you, your love of motorsports or your love of photography?

Jamey Price: The motorsports came first. I remember watching on my mum and dad’s old satellite TV. We had one of those enormous satellites in the back yard where you’d turn the dial and have to rotate the thing to find the right channel. This would have been sometime in May 1998 or so, I’m flipping through channels and, suddenly, I looked up and it was the Monaco Grand Prix. I was just fascinated by it, I instantly became a fan.


TOFM: When did you first pick up a camera?

JP: I was a sophomore [ie, a second-year student] at university, where I was competing as a swimmer, but also as a national hunt jockey, riding racehorses. I was given a camera for my 21st birthday and began taking pictures of horse races. Horse racing is similar to car racing, you get very few chances to nail the shot that you want; it has all the aspects of motorsports, minus the sound.

Flying the Ferrari flag at Monza <em>Photo: Jamey Price</em>
Flying the Ferrari flag at Monza Photo: Jamey Price

TOFM: Were you always aware of Ferrari?

JP: Probably immediately, because when you look at an F1 grid, the red cars just stand out. And growing up I was always a Ferrari fan and even now, as a professional, I still love and appreciate it when Ferrari wins a race. It’s good for F1 when the team is successful. I’ve been fortunate to go to Monza a few times for the Italian Grand Prix, both as a fan one year, and as a photographer for three years now. And the level of dedication from the tifosi is just insane. You see all that love they have for the brand, it’s just infectious, and it just gives the whole event energy. 


TOFM: What’s your favourite Ferrari photograph that you’ve taken?

JP: At Monza, there is an elevated platform for photographers to use, and it is always packed with people. In fact, you need a special access sticker, in addition to your credentials, to even get up there to shoot. Once the session starts, you are elbow to elbow with 25 other people all trying to nail a photo of the same car passing underneath you. As Sebastian Vettel came roaring out of the back straight, I used a slow shutter speed to pan my lens with him as he aimed for the apex of Parabolica [see main image, above]. The cloudless blue skies, mixed with the green grass, the masses of fans cheering and Vettel in his bright red Ferrari made for one of my favourite photos of the weekend.

Sebastian Vettel at Monza in 2015 <em>Photo: Jamey Price</em>
Sebastian Vettel at Monza in 2015 Photo: Jamey Price

TOFM: You were at Daytona with Ferrari last year, how was that?

JP: Incredible. I was watching the F1 Clienti session, Michael Schumacher’s cars from 2001 and 2003 are going around and I just sat there and closed my eyes. I hadn’t heard those engines since I went to Indianapolis with my dad. And even though the engine is far from turned up, it’s far from race mode, it’s still just singing. To get so close to the cars which I grew up with as a kid - the whole reason that I fell in love with the sport - it was very, very cool.