True colours

Meet the gentleman racer tackling North American and European circuits

Passion fuels the soul. It’s the very essence of what drives us to our achievements and successes. Jean-Claude Saada, founder of real estate company Cambridge Holdings Inc, is a man whose business ambitions have always been infused with his love for Ferrari.


With a mother working as a translator for the United Nations, the Saada household always enjoyed something of an international flavour.


Italian melodies would chime across the hallways and international colleagues would gather together during summer nights to share fun and laughter.


One such family friend was the proud owner of a Ferrari 330. The car’s sleek lines were an inspiration for the young Saada, who spent countless hours sketching the Formula One dream machines of the Scuderia Ferrari.


Completely engulfed in his drawings, he remembers his childhood fantasies of becoming a racing driver, steering the wheel of his own Ferrari.

Saada's F12tdf, 458 Challenge Evo and FXX K share the same distinctive Tailor Made livery

Fast forward to today and you’ll find Saada not only driving his Ferraris on the open roads in his hometown of Dallas, Texas, but also competing in the Ferrari Challenge and XX Programmes.


And he’s assembling quite an impressive collection of Maranello models. Saada recently took delivery of the latest F12tdf, resplendent in the same Tailor Made livery as his 458 Challenge EVO and FXX K.


The three Prancing Horses combine elegance with an impeccable pedigree, with the distinctive livery evoking the spirit of classic racers from times past.


The Bianco Italia’s subtle hints of blue inviting the sunlight to gracefully caress each curve, while the popular Rosso Fuoco colouring accentuates the Ferrari power within the V12 and V8 engines.


Now, with his magnificent matching power trio invoking memories of those boyhood dreams, Saada has his sights set on sporting, as well as entrepreneurial glories.

The chosen colours for Saada's Ferraris are Bianco Italia and Rosso Fuoco


The thrill of his racing aspirations and his keenly felt passion for Ferrari continue to inspire a greater victory at every turn.