The Mugello track that on Sunday will host Ferrari's 1,000th Formula 1 race has been chosen by the Stefano Ricci brand to present its menswear collection. Making for an exciting all italian-affair

The great beauty is on the racetrack.  There are the curves, the straights and the kerbs of the Mugello circuit, that for the first time ever this Sunday hosts a Formula 1 Grand Prix. And there is a Ferrari 275 GTB that is singing out on the track’s tarmac with its powerful 12 cylinder. At the wheel sits a young man, wearing driving gloves and a classic leather jacket, very elegant but with a brightly coloured eagle stitched onto the back.

This video, made to present last year’s autumn-winter menswear collection, represents the whole world of the Stefano Ricci brand. It’s a world of obsessive detail and quality, with deep roots in Italian manufacturing tradition but also translates itself into contemporary design for the international man.

Ever since foundation of his eponymous brand in 1972, Stefano Ricci has placed Italianness at the heart of his business. Even today, with 66 single-brand boutiques and flagship stores in capital cities around the world, its entire production is based at home in Italy.

Now, with the arrival of Ricci’s sons, Niccolò as group CEO and Filippo as creative director, the brand has extended itself from tailored clothing into luxury lifestyles, encompassing furniture and home accessories, yacht design, perfumes and wine. The hallmark of each new venture is the uniqueness of Italian craftsmanship.

And what could be more Italian than an iconic Ferrari and a track that holds a legacy of races that have been staged through its spellbinding hills since 1914? The video is part of the ‘Great Beauty’ project linking the brand’s collections to Italy’s breathtaking artistic and cultural sites, including unexpected gems like the Mugello circuit. The Castle of Sammezzano, the Vittoriale degli Italiani, the island of Montecristo and Venice, are among the unique locations that have played host to Ricci menswear presentations over the last ten years. The spring-summer 2021 collection will be dedicated to Florence. It will be a homecoming at a time of huge changes, with a media campaign and a video starring the Florentine actor, Maurizio Lombardi, featuring unexpected locations to inspire new beginnings.

But Ferrari and Mugello are also home for the Ricci family. The track lies halfway between the company’s production site in Caldine, on the outskirts of Florence, and the family estate Poggio ai Segugi, ner Firenzuola. Alla places close to their hearts. They are places full of passion, such as the family’s passion for the Ferrari models in the family’s car collection which includes, among others, a Testarossa and a 275 GTB, such as the one seen in the video.

Shooting at Mugello circuit with a Ferrari 250 MM
Shooting at Mugello circuit with a Ferrari 250 MM

It was Stefano Ricci’s very passion for cars that prompted him to launch his brand. It was by selling off the Porsche his father had given him (with the promise of another one should he be succesful) that the businessman, together with his wife Claudia, began a tie-making business, which brought him success when he presented them at Pitti Uomo in 1974.

Important buyers such as Harrods and Saks took notice and asked him to make shirts with the same patterns and fabrics. These shirts, and later suits, went on to be worn by heads of state like Nelson Mandela.

It was an international success with very deep Italians roots, similar to those of the Mugello track which on Sunday will host its first ever Formula 1 Grand Prix. And not just any Grand Prix, but the 1,000th race of Ferrari in racing’s top category. Just one hundred kilometres from Maranello. An all-Italian story.