Remembering Enzo Ferrari

Remembering Enzo Ferrari

32 years after his death, the founder is remembered in the words of others

We are used to remembering him through his own utterances - often blunt, sometimes cutting, always wise. But on the anniversary of his death on 14 August 1988, we wanted to remember Enzo Ferrari through the words of those who knew him personally, as well as those who - despite never meeting him - are aware that the route traced by the founder of the iconic brand is still a road worth following today.

In this video, you can listen to the thoughts of his son Piero, who is now Ferrari's Vice-Chairman, along with those of Chairman John Elkann, CEO Louis Camilleri and many others - drivers, technicians, journalists - who felt the same enormous admiration for this great man. The final result is a portrait of the legend that has never been seen before.