A tour of the Ferrari V8 production lines

A tour of the Ferrari V8 production lines

​Seeing a car created is always a fascinating experience. At Ferrari, even more so

Words: Jason Barlow

Is it risky to let a little light in on the magic that takes place on a car manufacturing line? Mass production is a tribute to the economies of scale, complex machinery and vast investment required to turn a bunch of disparate components into something much, much greater than the sum of its parts.


Now imagine what the Ferrari production line must be like. Just as there is nothing like a Ferrari, so it follows that there is nowhere quite like the facility in which life is breathed into a Ferrari road car.

The accompanying short film offers a glimpse inside the V8 production line, with its modernist, Jean Nouvel-designed exterior and an atmosphere inside in which the volume is carefully managed, natural light floods the workspaces and autonomous delivery robots are very obviously subjugated to the skills of the men and women who marry the cars’ powertrains to their meticulously painted bodies.


This might be the calmest production line in the automotive business. But both the input and output are of the highest performance imaginable.