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The LaFerrari takes on a new form

The LaFerrari has been widely celebrated as one of the finest expressions of Maranello’s constant desire to innovate and provide the ultimate in performance. Now the car’s distinctive artistry and stunning lines have been re-created in a life-size sculpture, realised in bronze by the artist Ahmed Al-Bahrani for renowned Ferrarista and collector Omar Alfardan.


After creating a number of prototypes, the sculpture was finalised with the help of the original design team at Maranello. Ahmed used clay and wax, which was then transformed into bronze, using state-of-the-art technology. Weighing two tons and measuring 4,702mm in length, 1,730mm in width and 1,116mm high, the final artwork took seven months to complete.

The artist Ahmed Al-Bahrani with the completed sculpture

‘Even at a young age, I was in awe of Ferrari design,’ Ahmed explains. ‘I remember how I would draw the cars and make miniature designs out of clay. The main challenge with this piece was to create something that effectively captures the sophistication and elegance that Ferrari embodies as a globally leading brand.’


Ahmed, born in Iraq, but now based in Sweden and Qatar, creates sculptures with what he describes as a ‘minimalist twist’. One of the leading lights in a flourishing Middle Eastern art scene, etching is another prominent feature of his work.


‘I aim to inject a dynamic quality, to instill a certain level of movement that engages audiences. I have integrated the ancient craft of etching and it has been a prominent part of my development as an artist, as it fuses traditional practice with modern art.

A metal frame is the base for the clay mould

The life-size clay model of the LaFerrari

‘With the LaFerrari sculpture, I was committed towards developing a design that will integrate the modern and sophisticated aesthetic taste of Omar Alfardan with Ferrari’s world-class design standards. I had envisioned a design that honours the distinct craftsmanship associated with the Ferrari brand, while celebrating the Arab spirit.’


Ahmed’s sculpture includes the words “Generous people are characterised by love”, an old Arab proverb, etched on to the roof. It’s the artist’s tribute to the region’s traditions and values, with the accent on hospitality and generosity.

The sculpture includes an old Arab proverb etched on the roof

The sculpture now sits in the grounds of Letbelah, Omar Alfardan’s very own private car museum in Qatar. And, as the president and CEO of the Alfardan Group himself suggests, it might not be too long before the LaFerrari is joined by other Prancing Horse pieces.

After a number of prototypes, the sculpture was finalised with the help of the Ferrari design team

‘We have enjoyed a strong partnership with Ferrari over the years. We believe this piece will pave the way for more exquisite works of art that will celebrate the infinite possibilities that lie within the automotive industry.’