The T Set

The T Set

We asked three contemporary designers what they would come up with if they were given the whole of Ferrari's Tailor Made personalisation department to play with. Their mission: to create a California T for the catwalk

Words: Luke Leitch

Julien David’s clothes are notable for their technical expertise, the excellence of their fabrications and the sense of fun with which they are delivered.


‘I thought it would be more interesting to have a special treatment on a solid colour for the exterior instead of using a full-on print. We use black ruthenium in my jewellery line, and we have developed an aluminium-coated leather for the clothes collection we call Cosmic Silver: it has this great iridescent finish. So, for the bodywork I thought maybe a combination: something black, but not black-black, and depending on the light and from which angle you look at the car, the effect is different. The upholstery inside the California T is fantastic and with that solid exterior I think you can have some fun with the interior. We have this pixelated palm-tree print that I've used in a few collections now and I think it would be fun to have this in the centre of the seats. Around that, and on the headrests, I'd use the Cosmic Silver leather. And that's it: I'd love to drive a California T that looked like that.’


Sicilian born Fausto Puglisi is often compared to Gianni Versace. He specialises in bold, provocative womenswear. He is also the creative director of French fashion house Emanuel Ungaro.


‘When I think about Ferrari I think about a sense of the heroic and I think about sexiness: for me, a Ferrari is quintessentially sexy. So, I was thinking about a Greek Roman California T. I wanted to apply a translation of Greek mythology, which was so important in the establishment of Roman culture, to the car. This is something I do a lot in my collections, too. There is no print on the outside because I could never imagine driving that. So the exterior, the bodywork, is pure black. Simple. The custom aspect is something you see when you look at the wheels, because instead of the usual rims I'd like to ask Ferrari to create something that replicates my Romanesque “sun” print. That sun would also shine inside the California T, at the steering wheel. As for the upholstery, I'd like it to be simple: the rich brown leather, quite rough and tough, what we call “cuoio” in Italy.


Christopher Raeburn is renowned for the “Remade In Britain” line, in which he refashions hi-grade military surplus materials into progressive streetwear pieces.


‘I thought it would be cool to do the exterior in a way that's not too different, but still surprises the eye. My bodywork would be in the iconic Ferrari red, but with a subtle raindrop camouflage, originally used by the East German military. I've used it in my collection and it’s very beautiful. Ferrari paintwork typically has that wonderful shine to it. Here the only difference is that the raindrop panels would be matt, so very subtle. One of my interests is cartography. We've re-used original silk maps, produced by the British Military in the 1950s, in the collection before. I'd like to use the beautiful detail from one of these maps as an accent for the interior, applied to inserts on the front seats. We've got some of those original maps that show the geography of Italy. In terms of finish, I was thinking either grey-scale and etched into the leather to ensure that premium feel Ferrari is known for or, alternatively, a digital print on to the leather for a bit more impact.’