The day before the show

How the Ferrari stand at the Paris Motor Show was painstakingly put together

Anyone who visited the Ferrari stand during the Paris Motor Show (which ended on 16 October), was able to see the entire range of Prancing Horse road cars wonderfully displayed with exclusive livery celebrating the Company's forthcoming 70th anniversary, as well as the two latest additions, the V8 GTC4Lusso T and the LaFerrari Aperta roadster.


About 25 people, including fitters and external services, worked long hours, meticulously putting the stand together during the two weeks before the inauguration. The key moment was, of course, the arrival of the cars, which took place two days before the opening.

The six cars arrived in two lorries and were arranged carefully on the stand, which this year was shrouded by black awnings during construction. This was necessary because all the cars, including the “debutants” and the range models with new liveries, had their own unveiling and were thus best kept shielded from prying eyes.


Ferrari employees from different departments, including Commercial, Brand, Design and, obviously, Communication, oversaw the preparation of the stand. A large number of representatives from the various sectors at Maranello also came to, and worked at, the Show, not to mention the dozens of chefs and waiters, who worked tirelessly to satisfy the demands of guests and employees. We eagerly await the next event.