<em>Photo: Massimo Siragusa</em>

A perfect symbiosis

A tour of Milan behind the wheel of the new Ferrari Portofino M. The car and the city seem made for each other

Elegant yet bold, sophisticated yet sporty, with a distinctive personality that stops short of being too obvious. These are the complex and fascinating characteristics that the Ferrari Portofino M shares with Milan and its inhabitants, which have led to this Italian city becoming one of the world capitals of business, design and fashion, and not by chance.

With its timeless elegance, the new Maranello spider is perfectly at ease on the old cobble streets of the centre of the city, winding through ancient architectural masterpieces such as the imposing fifteenth-century Castello Sforzesco, or the fifteenth-century church of Sant'Eustorgio, or indeed the seventeenth-century Palazzo Brera, home to the Accademia art academy and some of the greatest masterpieces of Italian painting.

The Ferrari Portofino M is at ease in the Navigli canal area in Milan,  one of the city&rsquo;s night-life centres where the Milanese go for fun<em> Photo: Massimo Siragusa</em>
The Ferrari Portofino M is at ease in the Navigli canal area in Milan, one of the city’s night-life centres where the Milanese go for fun Photo: Massimo Siragusa

The imposing design of the Ferrari Portofino M also stands out alongside the masterpieces of modernist architecture that the city is teeming with, such as the Torre Velasca or the Palazzo Montecatini. And indeed, its spirit as a contemporary high-tech car is perfectly echoed by the new districts and skyscrapers of the Porta Nuova area, designed by the greatest architects of our time, from Stefano Boeri to Cesar Pelli. But above all, the Ferrari Portofino M gives pleasure, and makes driving pure fun, so what better destination to finish this tour than the Navigli, the canal area overlooked by a myriad of bars and restaurants where the Milanese love to amuse themselves in the evening?

A car and a city just waiting to be discovered.