SF90 stradale media test drive

SF90 stradale media test drive

The SF90 Stradale, whose name celebrates Scuderia Ferrari's 90th anniversary and makes the link between the world of racing and the Prancing Horse's inherent make-up, was driven for the first time by the specialist press

The fabled Fiorano racetrack. The rolling green hills of Maranello. A 1000 hp hybrid racing car that marked a revolutionary turning point for Ferrari. What better way to kick off the summer than to test the SF90 Stradale, from the Prancing Horse's supercar range?

Throughout the month of June, more than 30 journalists from the most prestigious magazines in the sector all over Europe had the chance to live and breathe the car, both on the track where it was made and on roads alternating between steady driving and fast bursts.

The test drive really brought out the best in the SF90 Stradale, which reaps the benefits of PHEV hybrid technology, a first for any series car from the Maranello company. The car performs at a level never before seen in a series car. Besides its max power of 1,000 hp, as stated above, its weight-power ratio of 1.57 kg/hp and 390 kg of aerodynamic load at 250 km/h (in its Assetto Fiorano version) make the car tower over others in its category.

And for the first time in Ferrari’s history, they have made a V8 car top-of-the-range. The people from the press were unanimous at their enthusiasm for the speed, emotions and ease of driving offered by the SF90 Stradale. They were bowled over by the change of step it represents for the Maranello firm’s line-up. 

“The SF90 Stradale opens the doors to a whole new dimension. This isn’t driving, or handling, or technology. This is pure magic. We’ll never get tired of saying it – the engineers at Maranello are absolute magicians,” says Laurent Chevalier, editor of the renowned French magazine Sport Auto. The vast majority of journalists were united in saying that the many systems within the car (like the three electric engines that let the SF90 Stradale do up to 25 km in full-electric, and the brand new HMI with its touch wheel and curved 16” screen, to name just two) does not make the driving experience more complicated for the driver. Rather, their fluid, ordered integration keeps every aspect of driving under your control at the touch of a button.

In the words of Martin Urbanke from Germany’s Auto Zeitung, “The list of all the SF90 Stradale’s new  features would fill pages, so let’s get straight to the point. This is the fastest, most powerful, most advanced and easiest to drive Ferrari that the Prancing Horse has ever come out with.”