<em>Photo: Alex Bernstein</em>


Elegance, beauty, and glamour: the Ferrari Roma perfectly matches the magical atmosphere of the Italian capital


If one single expression can conjure up the very essence of Italy, then surely it is ‘la dolce vita’. Rome was the epicentre of that Golden era. It was also a golden era for Ferrari, a time when many of Maranello’s most elegant and sophisticated cars were created. It is fitting then, that the latest model – the Ferrari Roma – embodies that self-same spirit characterised by its clean shape. Its beautifully harmonious proportions recall the mid-front-engined grand touring tradition of which the 250 GT Berlinetta SWB and 250 GT 2+2 are the most iconic examples. But it embodies an extremely modern design language which underlines its authentic, refined styling that makes it the symbol of a very contemporary ‘Nuova Dolce Vita’. Watching the Ferrari Roma riding through the capital’s streets at night one simply can’t help but admire how its pure lines blend so perfectly with the beauty of the Eternal City.

Photo: Alex Bernstein


All p​hotographic and video content of the above article was created prior to the Covid-19 emergency and related Government decrees