Ferrari SP38 is a stunning One-Off

A Ferrari client with a passion for motor racing commissioned the incredible SP38

The Ferrari SP38 is the latest bespoke creation from the Ferrari One-Off programme, and has been revealed at a handover ceremony at Fiorano before immediately conducting a series of hot laps on the famous test track.

The Ferrari SP38 pictured at Fiorano, during the handover ceremony

One of Ferrari’s most dedicated clients commissioned the car. It was created to reflect their deep passion for racing, so has been honed for use both on road and track. The SP38 is a unique creation based on the chassis and drivetrain of the Ferrari 488 GTB.


The SP38 has an entirely new body that, like all Ferrari road cars, is innovative yet beautiful. It’s a radical evolution of the 488 GTB, taking inspiration from the legendary Ferrari F40. It has a striking wedge shape in profile, with the visual mass concentrated over the rear wheels.

 A distinctive wedge shape to the profile...

The nose is strongly tapered, expanding towards the muscular wheelarches. Ultra-slim headlights are all-new, and the Ferrari designers have relocated the daytime running lights (DRL) to the bumper lip, which references the classic Ferrari 308 GTB.


The 488 GTB’s side air scoop has been concealed beneath beautifully sculpted aluminium, which folds up from the door’s low beltline onto the rear wheelarch and rear side window. It’s an incredible piece of metalwork.

 ... Leads into a rear with hints of Ferrari F40

The engine cover is a carbon fibre assembly that flips up. Three transverse slats dissipate heat, plus there’s a large rear spoiler that has been shaped to hint at the iconic wing of the F40. Again, the rear edge of the spoiler blends seamlessly into the wheelarch and lower diffuser. The ‘frame’ effect around the tail has been drawn to capture the brutality of the F40.


A beautiful Tailor Made cabin finishes off the SP38 inside. Ferrari fans will be able to see it in public for the first time at the Concorso d’Eleganza Villa d’Este on Saturday 26 May.

 The car's nose is inspired by the Ferrari 308 GTB 

Without doubt, this is an extremely special Ferrari One-Off, created for a passionate client in love with motorsport. Revealing the SP38 at Fiorano before immediately conducting high-speed demonstration runs was the perfect way to launch yet another unique Ferrari creation to the world.