Scuderia Ferrari 90th anniversary

The Ferrari Challenge

The Ferrari Challenge

Just how much of a Ferrarista are you? Think you know everything about the Prancing Horse, its history, cars and racing record? We'll see. Now rev up your grey cells and put yourself to the test. Check your answers at the bottom of the page and impress yourself - if you can. But most of all, have fun with this issue's special quiz. Buona fortuna!

Origin story

Cars | A new special series Ferrari has been revealed, with a 830cv V12 and unmatched performance – but the anticipation and excitement for this limited edition berlinetta exists because of two groundbreaking predecessors

Record setter

Races | The start of the Ferrari Challenge Europe season saw the debut of the series' youngest ever competitor – and the sensational rookie shone in the spotlight with a record-setting two pole positions and a race win