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  • alex. svidesskis

    Is there anyway you could help a big fan an a disabiled veteran.

  • temo nadiradze

    Welcome. Sense to get some publicity, especially one that I believe are interested. Surely enjoy.

  • tomas leon sanchez

    me gustaria contactar con el diseñador edwin


    i ordered a subscription back in sept of this year it seems that no one knows where it is if you can help me i would appreciate . the order is 0005-3769-4268-9349 i cannot believe that after owning 2 ferraris worth over a half of million dollars the I’m having such a problem
    albert corleone

  • santhosz

    i wish to work in ferrari . ;) is that possible !

  • Mahmoudreza Ghafourian

    Hi, I’m BS, Mechanical Engineering (Manufacturing), I’m manufacture
    some parts of elevator in my company, my mind and my dreams grow up when I was only
    10 years old with “Shumi”.
    in fact I recognition Ferrari with him up to now
    that I’m 29th years old, car is in my root but for some economic pressures
    I forced to select working on elevator. By the way I want to working for
    Ferrari even from far away.

    I think these resume could be affective too…


    See more please:

  • Petrol Head

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  • Cornell britto

    Registered for free tickets to attend the grand parade of Ferrari cars as per sports 360 paper dated 11 nov 2014

  • Ricky Gallagher

    Hi, I have some carbon parts in Australia I wish to sell. Am I able to advertise in your magazine?

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