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The 599XX Evolution; photo David Ryle

Evolution revolution

Faster, lighter and more powerful, the 599XX Evolution proves that Ferrari’s incredible XX think tank continues to push the boundaries of technology, as well as offering an unrivalled client experience. On top of which, a radical new rear wing sees the Company closer than ever to unpicking the unknowns of aerodynamics

Ferrari V10 1996; photo Max Sarotto

A unique sound

One of the cornerstones of the magic of Ferrari is the sound of its formula one engines. from the howl of the 12-cylinder to the mellow tones of the eightcylinder, via the weighty notes of the v10, racing cars from Maranello have always been recognisable. Even if future engines will no longer have the option of these classic configurations, the sound of a Ferrari will always be different and unique

Nick Mason at the wheel of the FF; photo Lee Brimble

Complete control

Where better to test the revolutionary FF than the snowcovered mountain roads surrounding Brunico, in the Alto Adige area of the dolomites? Nick Mason, drummer with Pink Floyd, collector and expert driver, unleashes the FF’s 660hP v12 and demonstrates the efficiency of its all-wheel drive. There’s even room on-board for his drum kit…

James May and Nick Mason; photo Steve Read

Change gear

James May is the quiet intellectual who has conquered the world as one of the presenters on BBC’s Top Gear. He tells The Official Ferrari Magazine about his life-long passion for Ferrari and why he’s Just bought an F430

Enzo Ferrari

The bubbly red

They say Lambrusco would work as well as petrol in a Ferrari engine. But Grasparossa and a host of other Lambruscos have long been Ferrari favourites and are always served at our guest dinners and luncheons in Maranello