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A Rare Breed


A selection of the rarest Ferraris. It’s a journey that encompasses the Company’s entire 65-year
history and includes some radical and remarkable cars


Garage Band

Noisy, glamorous and with that teasing frisson of danger, fast cars and rock stars have always been made for each other. We discover how, in the glittery world of the guitar hero and Ferrari collector Sammy Hagar, the power of the Prancing Horse has even influenced his singing style

Cellist Mario Brunello performs on the Fiorano track; photo Alberto Novelli

A V12 concerto

The cellist Mario Brunello discovers the unique poetry of the various sounds of a V12 engine during a special day at Fiorano. Ferrari Technical director Roberto Fedeli is the man responsible for tuning up these particular instruments; the perfect job, given his passion for music, and other role as lead guitarist in Maranello’s very own Red House Blues Band

Stroll poses with his 330 P4 on the circuit of Mont Tremblant; photo Blair Gable

Freedom road

Canadian fashion mogul Lawrence Stroll dreamt of owning a Ferrari 330 P4 when he was a child. with a lifetime’s hard work to back up those dreams, he has gone on to acquire not just a P4 but also a number of other hugely significant Ferraris, and a famous circuit to drive them on