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off the scale

Off the scale

A car as genuinely iconic as the Ferrari 250 GTO deserves the very best model interpretation. To coincide with the GTO’s 50th anniversary, world-leading model manufacturer Amalgam has produced a strictly limited run of scale versions celebrating key GTOs in their finest hour

Stroll poses with his 330 P4 on the circuit of Mont Tremblant; photo Blair Gable

Freedom road

Canadian fashion mogul Lawrence Stroll dreamt of owning a Ferrari 330 P4 when he was a child. with a lifetime’s hard work to back up those dreams, he has gone on to acquire not just a P4 but also a number of other hugely significant Ferraris, and a famous circuit to drive them on

Ralph Lauren with his cars; photo Richard Corman

A love story

On the occasion of the exhibition in Paris of some of the finest examples from his collection of cars, Ralph Lauren, master of style and lover of cars as an expression of art, reveals to The Official Ferrari Magazine the secrets of his passion and of his way of interpreting the finer things in life

Dinner with Ralph Lauren

Having interviewed the famous designer in New York, we were invited to attend the opening of an exhibition of his extraordinary cars in Paris. Where? At the Musée des Arts Décoratifs at the Louvre, of course. Don’t miss it – you have until the end of August.