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Li Xiaohua, called Mr Ferrari, with his 348 TS; photo Jasper James

A man called Mr Ferrari

Back in 1992, Li Xiaohua was the first man in China to buy a Ferrari. A potent symbol of success, Li quickly became associated with the vivid, magical, red of the Prancing Horse. So much so, that people soon dubbed him “Mr Ferrari”. His global fame saw a succession of visiting dignitaries, including American Presidents Bush (father and son) and Clinton, British Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher and Russian leader Vladimir Putin, all signing his 348 TS

Chinese conductor Liu Jia stands in front of his 458 Italia; photo Jasper James

Lightning conductor

Under the baton of conductor Lu Jia, a musical score becomes a divine melody, a kind of audio feast: just Like the sound of a Ferrari engine; deep and powerful, from the very soul of the car, dynamically announcing a thousand years of Italy’s history and culture

Cinese artist Zhang Huan in his studio with a Ferrari California; photo James Wasserman

Free spirit

Dubbed the ‘Chinese Andy Warhol’, Zhang Huan is one of the world’s most intriguing artists. In this exclusive interview, he draws parallels between the contemporary art world and the ‘design exquisiteness’ of the prancing horse

599 China Limited Edition

Ferrari’s art car

When famous Beijing artist Lu Hao was a young man, the world of the Prancing horse was a distant dream for the Chinese people. He never thought he’d own a Ferrari, never mind decorate a unique model to be sold at auction, inspired by Ge Kiln’s ceramics