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The Daytona myth

With an exhibition at the Museo Ferrari in Maranello, Ferrari celebrates the Daytona circuit, whose name is closely linked to the extraordinary Prancing Horse race and road models. The queen of the exhibition is the legendary P4, winner of the 1967 24 Hours of Daytona Race

Jacques Villeneuve

All about my father

A Formula One World Champion and winner of the Indy 500, Jacques Villeneuve was able to establish his own career independently of the fact that he was the son of the Gilles, one of the Ferrari tifosi’s most loved drivers. Returning to Maranello on the 30th anniversary of his tragic death, Jacques reminisces about his father with Piero Ferrari, a man who knew him as a driver and who remembered the affection his own father, Enzo, felt for the great Gilles

Sports cars to change?

Who thinks changes are coming to sports cars? Research says they are, but the roots of passion run deep

458 Italia, John Lasseter creations

Now that’s animated!

Chief Creative Officer at Disney Pixar, creator of the film Cars and Ferrari enthusiast, John Lasseter was welcomed to Maranello by Felipe Massa who took him for a spin on the track. He returned the compliment with his own inimitable take on several Ferrari models