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Photo: Gabriela Noris

Heroes Without Glory

The heavily disguised mules used to hone our new models are the unsung heroes of Ferrari. We explore their short lives and the sad ends they meet once their road-test days are over and the new car has been unveiled to the media and the world

Amedeo Felisa, CEO Ferrari

The quiet “genius”

He has been the brain behind all of the Ferraris from the 456 GT to the FF, first as Technical Director and now as CEO. We get to know a little more about this highly focused individual and his passion for engineering and the cars he and his team create

Ferrari classic watch

Enzo Ferrari’s prancing watches

The story of Enzo Ferrari’s valuable watch collection and how the Founder liked to give gifts of watches sporting the Prancing Horse logo on special occasions. Watches and intriguing tales from collector Sergio Cassano