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Michael Schumacher

Olympic ideal

Olympic ideal

Ferrari’s involvement in recent Italian successes at both Winter and Summer Olympic games is testament to the pioneering work carried out by a small, dedicated team of researchers and technicians at Maranello

It happened today – 17 September

It happened today – 17 September

On 17th September 2003, Scuderia Ferrari was testing on two fronts, at Jerez de la Frontera with Michael Schumacher and at Monza with Felipe Massa.

Niki Lauda Enzo Ferrari Luca Di Montezemolo

The face of courage

Niki Lauda’s life surpasses any film script: three times World Champion, twice with Ferrari, he is also an entrepreneur in the airline industry, television commentator and invaluable consultant. He has shown extraordinary character throughout, overcoming many difficult and dramatic moments, and his face is testimony to that. Nick Mason met him in Vienna to talk about the past and present

Photo: Gabriela Noris

Heroes Without Glory

The heavily disguised mules used to hone our new models are the unsung heroes of Ferrari. We explore their short lives and the sad ends they meet once their road-test days are over and the new car has been unveiled to the media and the world