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Luigi Chinetti

The Superamerica 45; photo Alex Howe

One on one

Peter Kalikow’s Superamerica 45 is the latest Ferrari to emerge from the company’s thrilling Special Projects division. In an exclusive interview, the man who commissioned it tells us how it feels to have the freedom to create your own one-off Ferrari.

Ferrari Monoposto Corsa Indianapolis, photo: Joe Windsor Williams

Back to its very best

Almost 60 years after just failing to make its debut at Indy 500, a rare Ferrari called the Monoposto Corsa Indianapolis has been lovingly restored by the Ferrari Classiche division. We Went behind the scenes to learn more about the model and its chequered history

Ferrari Red

Forever red

Why is red still Ferrari’s signature colour? Why aren’t English cars green and French cars blue any longer? National colours have fallen out of favour in racing. Only Ferrari has resisted the temptation – and pressure from sponsors – to stray from its signature red