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Issue 4: Colours

330 GT 2+2, Gabriela Noris

Sicily’s lost treasures

Take a trip back 2,000 years in time to a legendary land. The colours and perfumes of Sicily never disappoint, particularly from behind the wheel of a classic Ferrari. Memories of the Targa Florio keep the flame of motoring passion alive too

Ferrari Red

Forever red

Why is red still Ferrari’s signature colour? Why aren’t English cars green and French cars blue any longer? National colours have fallen out of favour in racing. Only Ferrari has resisted the temptation – and pressure from sponsors – to stray from its signature red

F430 Spider Valentino Rossi

Fast designs

Valentino Rossi availed of the talents of his friend Drudi, who makes his helmets and styles his look, to help him with his customised 430 16M Spider. Needless to say, the colour yellow and the number 46 are very much in evidence