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Herbert von Karajan

Cellist Mario Brunello performs on the Fiorano track; photo Alberto Novelli

A V12 concerto

The cellist Mario Brunello discovers the unique poetry of the various sounds of a V12 engine during a special day at Fiorano. Ferrari Technical director Roberto Fedeli is the man responsible for tuning up these particular instruments; the perfect job, given his passion for music, and other role as lead guitarist in Maranello’s very own Red House Blues Band

Chinese conductor Liu Jia stands in front of his 458 Italia; photo Jasper James

Lightning conductor

Under the baton of conductor Lu Jia, a musical score becomes a divine melody, a kind of audio feast: just Like the sound of a Ferrari engine; deep and powerful, from the very soul of the car, dynamically announcing a thousand years of Italy’s history and culture

Photo: Gabriela Noris

Heroes Without Glory

The heavily disguised mules used to hone our new models are the unsung heroes of Ferrari. We explore their short lives and the sad ends they meet once their road-test days are over and the new car has been unveiled to the media and the world