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Global security guard

Eugene Kaspersky, charismatic CEO of the global computer security company that bears his name, brings an eccentric touch, passion and a sense of fun when it comes to marketing the increasingly serious business of combating spy software. In an interview with The Official Ferrari Magazine, the Russian entrepreneur reveals his business philosophy and love of fast cars

Heads down, Maranello-style

I remember well how Enzo Ferrari used to criticise the Monday Morning Moaners who only ever looked back over what might have been while he and the team had to keep ploughing on. It’s just like now: first you hear “the Ferrari isn’t great”, then “it is great” and then “They should have changed the tyres earlier…”.

Marc Gené

The fear factor

All motor racing drivers experience it, yet fear is rarely discussed. we talk to Marc Gené about the sport’s biggest taboo subject

An unexpected pit-stop

It’s not a film, but imagine arriving at the Fiorano Circuit at around 10 in the morning. It’s all quiet and tranquil.

Felipe Massa, photo: Callo

Must Fly

The work of a Ferrari driver doesn’t end once a grand prix is over on a Sunday evening. We see Felipe Massa flying around Europe in his Piaggio Aero Avanti II to model unveilings, sponsor events and track dates

Maurizio Arrivabene

The future starts today

Maurizio Arrivabene, one of the world’s leading experts in marketing and communications, explains how respect for the past, and a focus on the present and future are vital to nurturing the life and image of any brand. Every last detail has a role to play in this modern communications-conscious world