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Watch out for these two

How do you drive an F12berlinetta? We asked Fernando Alonso who, faced with such an extreme test at Fiorano, didn’t want to do without the assistance of his F1 Race Engineer Andrea Stella. How did it go? We hear it directly from the lucky, and very brave, passenger himself

Ferrari Cavalcade 2012 2013

Cavalcade, magical Italy

Tuscany, with its treasures, vineyards and splendid tracks is the venue for Cavalcade 2013. The first edition, in June this year, attracted people from around the world, proving that a cocktail of driving, magnificent venues and warm hospitality is a great formula. This 2012 photo album is a taster of other events to come that will take participants to various Italian regions, waiting to be discovered

Cellist Mario Brunello performs on the Fiorano track; photo Alberto Novelli

A V12 concerto

The cellist Mario Brunello discovers the unique poetry of the various sounds of a V12 engine during a special day at Fiorano. Ferrari Technical director Roberto Fedeli is the man responsible for tuning up these particular instruments; the perfect job, given his passion for music, and other role as lead guitarist in Maranello’s very own Red House Blues Band

An unexpected pit-stop

It’s not a film, but imagine arriving at the Fiorano Circuit at around 10 in the morning. It’s all quiet and tranquil.

458 Italia, John Lasseter creations

Now that’s animated!

Chief Creative Officer at Disney Pixar, creator of the film Cars and Ferrari enthusiast, John Lasseter was welcomed to Maranello by Felipe Massa who took him for a spin on the track. He returned the compliment with his own inimitable take on several Ferrari models

Amedeo Felisa, CEO Ferrari

The quiet “genius”

He has been the brain behind all of the Ferraris from the 456 GT to the FF, first as Technical Director and now as CEO. We get to know a little more about this highly focused individual and his passion for engineering and the cars he and his team create

Ferrari classic watch

Enzo Ferrari’s prancing watches

The story of Enzo Ferrari’s valuable watch collection and how the Founder liked to give gifts of watches sporting the Prancing Horse logo on special occasions. Watches and intriguing tales from collector Sergio Cassano