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Bachman with his wife and son, with 3 examples of his collection; photo Richard Foulser

The yellow family

Phil Bachman, an American from Tennesee, has found a truly original way to collect only the most exclusive Ferrari models: he always buys the very last model in the series and always asks for the colour yellow. We met with him to discover his treasure trove of distinctive cars

Nino Vaccarella

A special headmaster

When he was at the wheel of a Ferrari in the World Championship, he was also keeping busy as the owner of a school in Palermo. Nino Vaccarella reveals just how different it was to be a driver over 30 years ago

James May and Nick Mason; photo Steve Read

Change gear

James May is the quiet intellectual who has conquered the world as one of the presenters on BBC’s Top Gear. He tells The Official Ferrari Magazine about his life-long passion for Ferrari and why he’s Just bought an F430

599 China Limited Edition

Ferrari’s art car

When famous Beijing artist Lu Hao was a young man, the world of the Prancing horse was a distant dream for the Chinese people. He never thought he’d own a Ferrari, never mind decorate a unique model to be sold at auction, inspired by Ge Kiln’s ceramics

458 Italia, John Lasseter creations

Now that’s animated!

Chief Creative Officer at Disney Pixar, creator of the film Cars and Ferrari enthusiast, John Lasseter was welcomed to Maranello by Felipe Massa who took him for a spin on the track. He returned the compliment with his own inimitable take on several Ferrari models

The foundry, photo: Neil Bridge

We made the first one

What’s involved in building a Ferrari? We flanked Maranello’s own skilled workers through every step of the process, from all the way from the foundry to the turning of the key in the finished car. A unique experience – watch the video footage too.

Photo: Max Sarotto

The evolution of the species

The complete low-down on the new FF, a revolutionary new car that combines a superb 660 CV V12 and the sportiness of an authentic Ferrari, with all-terrain non-permanent four-wheel drive. Plus comfortable spacious seating for four