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Red beats black

You need a big personality to front one of the world’s biggest rock bands. AC/DC lead singer Brian Johnson is a man who loves to tell a story just as much as he loves to race a car. Add his passion for the Prancing Horse and Italian family background, and you have the perfect ingredients for an exclusive Official Ferrari Magazine interview

Eric Clapton and Ferrari SP12EC

SlowHand, Fast Car

There is nothing more precious in the world of Ferrari than having the opportunity to create and build your own model. Talking exclusively to The Official Ferrari Magazine, Eric Clapton reveals what inspired him to do just that…

Maurizio Macalesi posing with some of the special models built by him; photo Elisabetta Claudio

A very special man

His face is well known to all the clients who were lucky enough to order one of the special series models created over the past 15 years: the F50, Enzo, Fxx and 599XX . His name is Maurizio Macalesi and he represents perfectly the world in which we work at Ferrari. Let’s get to know him for his past and his present

Eric Clapton in Ferrari

A different kind of music for Eric Clapton

Eric Clapton has nurtured two seemingly very different passions since he was a boy: music and engines. Particularly Ferrari engines. We meet him on his recent visit to Maranello.

Nick Mason and Eric Clapton, photo: Jack English

Hitting all the right notes

Nick Mason, Pink Floyd’s drummer, talks for the Ferrari Magazine to rock legend Eric Clapton about his other great obsession: cars