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Pistunzen tells it how it is

That lovable rogue and symbol of Ferrari passion, Pistunzen, provides easy-to-follow explanations of the technologies featured in the Ferrari Museum’s upcoming Supercar exhibition

Aaron Kwok

The Heavenly King

In an exclusive interview with The Official Ferrari Magazine,Hong Kong’s superstar Aaron Kwok, one of the biggest names in the Chinese film industry and Cantopop singing sensation, talks about culture, his stellar career and his love of Ferrari

Nick Mason at the wheel of the FF; photo Lee Brimble

Complete control

Where better to test the revolutionary FF than the snowcovered mountain roads surrounding Brunico, in the Alto Adige area of the dolomites? Nick Mason, drummer with Pink Floyd, collector and expert driver, unleashes the FF’s 660hP v12 and demonstrates the efficiency of its all-wheel drive. There’s even room on-board for his drum kit…

Maurizio Macalesi posing with some of the special models built by him; photo Elisabetta Claudio

A very special man

His face is well known to all the clients who were lucky enough to order one of the special series models created over the past 15 years: the F50, Enzo, Fxx and 599XX . His name is Maurizio Macalesi and he represents perfectly the world in which we work at Ferrari. Let’s get to know him for his past and his present

Bachman with his wife and son, with 3 examples of his collection; photo Richard Foulser

The yellow family

Phil Bachman, an American from Tennesee, has found a truly original way to collect only the most exclusive Ferrari models: he always buys the very last model in the series and always asks for the colour yellow. We met with him to discover his treasure trove of distinctive cars