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Enzo Ferrari

The Ferrari 166 SC driven by Nuvolari in the 1000 Miglia in 1948

Against All Odds

How Tazio Nuvolari’s return to Ferrari, scene of some of his greatest triumphs, re-energised
the legendary Flying Mantuan

Derek Bell in action 1968 at the wheel of a Ferrari 312-F1

A Professional Gentleman

Derek Bell raced for Ferrari in Formula One and Le Mans, but the British driver’s long and winding CV still means that even some of the most dedicated Ferraristi aren’t aware of his strong ties to Maranello


Introducing the California T

With its refined elegance and Formula One-inspired turbocharged engine, the new California T reinforces the quality of the aspirated Ferrari engines, while delivering the same sound, progressive torque, 560hp and a remarkable reduction in emissions and consumption. The California T is the perfect model for those who like a gutsy Berlinetta, faithful to the Prancing Horse tradition and, at the same time, an exciting Spider to be used for the sheer pleasure of driving

The best of both worlds

The best of both worlds

The incredible achievements of John Surtees, winning World Championships on both two wheels and four, remain unmatched. We meet a truly remarkable man, one who is a cherished part of Ferrari history

The beauty of the paddock

The beauty of the paddock

The role of women in the paddock has changed: in the past they were often timekeepers to hide their fear of sadly frequent accidents. Today, they are protagonists with many roles, not only wives or companions, but also journalists, team engineers, press officers or attractive supporters of the drivers on the starting grid

Alonso and Massa with the Auto Avio 815 and the 125 S; photo Lee Brimble

The origins

When Enzo Ferrari couldn’t use his own name but was determined to continue racing, he created the Auto Avio 815. Seven years later, the first car to wear the Ferrari name appeared – 1947’ 125 S. Alonso and Massa dressed in the style of early drivers and drove the cars for us

599hgte leaves for a test drive; photo Gabriela Noris

Touring the test-drive roads

We join the new Ferrari 599 hgte test-drive, to test drive the car in the hills behind Maranello and stop off at Ferrari test drivers’ favourite gastronomic hot spots

Nick Mason and Eric Clapton, photo: Jack English

Hitting all the right notes

Nick Mason, Pink Floyd’s drummer, talks for the Ferrari Magazine to rock legend Eric Clapton about his other great obsession: cars

Enzo Ferrari

The bubbly red

They say Lambrusco would work as well as petrol in a Ferrari engine. But Grasparossa and a host of other Lambruscos have long been Ferrari favourites and are always served at our guest dinners and luncheons in Maranello