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The Ferrari 166 SC driven by Nuvolari in the 1000 Miglia in 1948

Against All Odds

How Tazio Nuvolari’s return to Ferrari, scene of some of his greatest triumphs, re-energised
the legendary Flying Mantuan


The Rally Horse

A major player on the international rally scene, the 308 GTB was created during the early 1980s by Giuliano Michelotto. Carlo Cavicchi, Editor-in-Chief of the Italian car magazine Quattroruote, and one of the car’s drivers, reveals all about this little known chapter in the history of Maranello

Ferrari V10 1996; photo Max Sarotto

A unique sound

One of the cornerstones of the magic of Ferrari is the sound of its formula one engines. from the howl of the 12-cylinder to the mellow tones of the eightcylinder, via the weighty notes of the v10, racing cars from Maranello have always been recognisable. Even if future engines will no longer have the option of these classic configurations, the sound of a Ferrari will always be different and unique

Ferrari classic watch

Enzo Ferrari’s prancing watches

The story of Enzo Ferrari’s valuable watch collection and how the Founder liked to give gifts of watches sporting the Prancing Horse logo on special occasions. Watches and intriguing tales from collector Sergio Cassano