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Amedeo Felisa

The foundry, photo: Neil Bridge

We made the first one

What’s involved in building a Ferrari? We flanked Maranello’s own skilled workers through every step of the process, from all the way from the foundry to the turning of the key in the finished car. A unique experience – watch the video footage too.

Amedeo Felisa, CEO Ferrari

The quiet “genius”

He has been the brain behind all of the Ferraris from the 456 GT to the FF, first as Technical Director and now as CEO. We get to know a little more about this highly focused individual and his passion for engineering and the cars he and his team create

Photo: Max Sarotto

The evolution of the species

The complete low-down on the new FF, a revolutionary new car that combines a superb 660 CV V12 and the sportiness of an authentic Ferrari, with all-terrain non-permanent four-wheel drive. Plus comfortable spacious seating for four