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612 Scaglietti

Wil's private track called 'The Road'; photo Chris Benny

Road of dreams

To have a private race-track is truly something different, the ultimate luxury for one who loves
Ferrari and extreme performances. Here is the story of dean wills, passionate Australian Ferrarista who tells how, after a three-year journey littered with obstacles, this dream finally became a reality

Eric Clapton in Ferrari

A different kind of music for Eric Clapton

Eric Clapton has nurtured two seemingly very different passions since he was a boy: music and engines. Particularly Ferrari engines. We meet him on his recent visit to Maranello.

612 Scaglietti

Refined perfection

In Maranello there are two ateliers where clients can get their personalised car. As a matter of fact all Ferraris are different from each other. Let’s take a look at this 612 Scaglietti inspired to the sophisticated Italian style of legendary Riva powerboats.

458 Italia, John Lasseter creations

Now that’s animated!

Chief Creative Officer at Disney Pixar, creator of the film Cars and Ferrari enthusiast, John Lasseter was welcomed to Maranello by Felipe Massa who took him for a spin on the track. He returned the compliment with his own inimitable take on several Ferrari models

Panamerican 20000, photo: Gabriela Noris

The ultimate endurance test

It doesn’t seem possible that production Ferraris could negotiate the steep, twisting roads of the Andes or tour the whole of China and India with minimal underbody protection. But we discover they’ve done just that and with whom

Photo: Max Sarotto

The evolution of the species

The complete low-down on the new FF, a revolutionary new car that combines a superb 660 CV V12 and the sportiness of an authentic Ferrari, with all-terrain non-permanent four-wheel drive. Plus comfortable spacious seating for four