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458 Italia

Singer and songwriter Amy Macdonald

Local hero

Scottish singer/songwriter Amy Macdonald has enjoyed huge global success, but her outlook remains decidedly homegrown. And, as she reveals in this exclusive interview, her beloved Ferrari 458 Italia regularly turns heads in her native Glasgow


The Ferrari Guide: Chicago

The third largest city in the United States boasts a rich cultural heritage and well-earned reputation for knowing how to have a good time. A beguiling blend of waterfront chic and upscale renovated urban style, you could quite easily lose yourself in its lively maze of eateries, bars, clubs and shops. Thankfully, help is at hand…


Global security guard

Eugene Kaspersky, charismatic CEO of the global computer security company that bears his name, brings an eccentric touch, passion and a sense of fun when it comes to marketing the increasingly serious business of combating spy software. In an interview with The Official Ferrari Magazine, the Russian entrepreneur reveals his business philosophy and love of fast cars

Mikael Jansson on board of his 458-Italia

Focus on the 458 Italia

A truly exceptional model catches the eye of one of the world’s most celebrated photographers – the 458 Italia poses for Mikael Jansson

Gordon Ramsey and the 458 Italia

Ferrari’s secret ingredient? Perfection

The internationally renowned British Michelin-starred chef and culinary reality show presenter Gordon Ramsey comes to Ferrari to test out Italy’s finest cars and cuisine

Paolo Nespoli on the Fiorano circuit; photo Elisabetta Claudio

Zero gravity

Italian astronaut Paolo Nespoli is a man who has experienced the kind of brilliantly intense sensations most of us can only dream of. as he explains to The Official Ferrari Magazine, space travel creates a limitless feeling of freedom, as well as providing a unique view of mankind and the planet we all live on

Wil's private track called 'The Road'; photo Chris Benny

Road of dreams

To have a private race-track is truly something different, the ultimate luxury for one who loves
Ferrari and extreme performances. Here is the story of dean wills, passionate Australian Ferrarista who tells how, after a three-year journey littered with obstacles, this dream finally became a reality

Usain Bolt with the 599 GTB Fiorano and 458 Italia

Usain Bolt: the man-machine

We all know that the human body is a machine of sorts. A perfect system of receptors capable of achieving unique and almost unbelievable things. Olympic sprint champion Usain Bolt is a brilliant example of that perfection and achievement.