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458 Italia: the making of

body shop; photo Neil Bridge

458 Italia. Everything is ready – let’s assemble it

The engine has passed the test stand, the bodywork has passed quality control, all the other components will be ready right on time. It is time for assembly: a complex operation, requiring skills and great attention. Ready for the last emotion.

paint shop; photo Neil Bridge

458 Italia. Let’s discover the paint shop

This is the fourth chapter of our story with us as prospective workers. This is the moment when the frame, with bonnet and boot lid, goes into the paint shop. The new and modern facility shows that high-tech and workers can’t be separated.

panel shop; photo Neil Bridge

458 Italia. Today we’re building the frame

Leaving the engine components, which we’ll soon assemble, behind, we’re moving to Modena, to the Ferrari works named after the great coachbuilder Sergio Scaglietti, to work with aluminium and create the car’s entire frame.

engine assembly; photo Neil Bridge

458 Italia. Let’s build the engine

With the assembled and painted frame and the engine parts perfectly prepared, it is now time for the mechanical part. At the engine assembly we meet men who seem to be building models, which in our case are on a scale of 1:1.

Mechanical workshop; photo Neil Bridge

458 Italia. We built it

After we’ve discovered what is done at the foundry, here in Maranello we’re now having a look at the mechanical works. The casted cylinder blocks and the cylinder heads have to be prepared for assembly. Technology and quality are of immense importance.

The foundry, photo: Neil Bridge

We made the first one

What’s involved in building a Ferrari? We flanked Maranello’s own skilled workers through every step of the process, from all the way from the foundry to the turning of the key in the finished car. A unique experience – watch the video footage too.