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250 GTO

250 GTO

Perfection at fifty

In most people’s hearts the perfect Ferrari, the 250 GTO celebrates its 50th anniversary this year. Among its many charms is the fact that only 36 models were produced, all still in existence, all gloriously preserved

Green jewels

Green jewels

Red, or rather Il Rosso, has been associated with Ferrari since the Company’s inception, but other colours have played their part in the Prancing Horse’s illustrious history too, the rarest of which is definitely green. However, there have been many famous cars, such as the Thinwall Specials, the GTOs and Barchettas, all in vibrant, verdant shades

off the scale

Off the scale

A car as genuinely iconic as the Ferrari 250 GTO deserves the very best model interpretation. To coincide with the GTO’s 50th anniversary, world-leading model manufacturer Amalgam has produced a strictly limited run of scale versions celebrating key GTOs in their finest hour

An artist for eternity

The death of Sergio Scaglietti, creator of such glorious Ferraris as the 250 GTO, underscores just how compatible art and the technical can be

Where did the GTO come from?

My granddad, Pistuzòn, witnessed the birth of one of Sergio Scaglietti’s great masterpieces. And here’s the story…