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212 Inter

Iconic Ferrari Spiders; photo Steve Read

Sheer pleasure

Spiders have been ever-present throughout the history of Ferrari, with each new model reinforcing the notion that an open-top drive is the perfect way to experience the distinctive Sound and Smell of a prancing horse engine in full flow. we tell the history of these most iconic cars

212 Inter

212 Inter (1951)

The Gioachino Colombo V12 was bored out to provide a bigger displacement. The chassis was inspired by that of the 166 MM, with modifications aimed at transmitting the higher power output to the road. The later versions saw the introduction of a tubular chassis known as the ‘Tuboscocca’, which increased structural rigidity. Apart from Touring and Vignale (stylistically, the most successful at interpreting this chassis), both the Turin-based Rocco Motto coachworks and Fontana from Padua tried their hand at bodying this model.

250 GTO

The greatest 12-Cylinder? All of them…

Important customers and international journalists tell us which Ferrari V12s should be a candidate for ‘part of the world’s heritage’. Lots of opinions, lots of different models. which V12 is the greatest? All of them…