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12 cylinder

engine assembly; photo Neil Bridge

458 Italia. Let’s build the engine

With the assembled and painted frame and the engine parts perfectly prepared, it is now time for the mechanical part. At the engine assembly we meet men who seem to be building models, which in our case are on a scale of 1:1.

James May and Nick Mason; photo Steve Read

Change gear

James May is the quiet intellectual who has conquered the world as one of the presenters on BBC’s Top Gear. He tells The Official Ferrari Magazine about his life-long passion for Ferrari and why he’s Just bought an F430

250 GTO

The greatest 12-Cylinder? All of them…

Important customers and international journalists tell us which Ferrari V12s should be a candidate for ‘part of the world’s heritage’. Lots of opinions, lots of different models. which V12 is the greatest? All of them…

Niki Lauda and Mauro Forghieri

Determined to succeed

Niki Lauda and Mauro Forghieri, technical director of the Scuderia during the 1970s, had many discussions about how to achieve F1 glory. It’s 33 years since they won the second of their two world drivers’ titles together, and we’ve reunited the former colleagues to uncover the secrets behind this remarkable partnership