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Cellist Mario Brunello performs on the Fiorano track; photo Alberto Novelli

A V12 concerto

The cellist Mario Brunello discovers the unique poetry of the various sounds of a V12 engine during a special day at Fiorano. Ferrari Technical director Roberto Fedeli is the man responsible for tuning up these particular instruments; the perfect job, given his passion for music, and other role as lead guitarist in Maranello’s very own Red House Blues Band

599hgte leaves for a test drive; photo Gabriela Noris

Touring the test-drive roads

We join the new Ferrari 599 hgte test-drive, to test drive the car in the hills behind Maranello and stop off at Ferrari test drivers’ favourite gastronomic hot spots

250 GTO

The greatest 12-Cylinder? All of them…

Important customers and international journalists tell us which Ferrari V12s should be a candidate for ‘part of the world’s heritage’. Lots of opinions, lots of different models. which V12 is the greatest? All of them…

Panamerican 20000, photo: Gabriela Noris

The ultimate endurance test

It doesn’t seem possible that production Ferraris could negotiate the steep, twisting roads of the Andes or tour the whole of China and India with minimal underbody protection. But we discover they’ve done just that and with whom