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“There’s nothing more rewarding in the world than seeing a Ferrari customer who’s proud to drive my car on the track as well as on the road”. — Enzo Ferrari


Artistic drive

The painter and sculptor Cornelia Hagmann explains why her LaFerrari is the perfect expression of creative vitality and how the Prancing Horse continues to be an inspiration


Cultural exchange

Xu Xinyu, Executive President of the Weichai Group and Executive Chairman of Ferretti Group, explains why the Chinese company is inspired by long-held, cherished notions of “Italian-ness”

Dichang Yu at the wheel of his California T

Discovering the California T

There are many Chinese clients who have chosen the California T to be their first ever Ferrari purchase after just one look. We meet three of them

Jim Gianopulos (photo by Robert Gallagher)

The King Of Hollywood

Jim Gianopulos is one of the most powerful men in the world of global entertainment. In this exclusive interview, we find out how cars, and Ferraris in particular, offer inspiration and escape

Donna Karan

Fashion’s First Lady

Donna Karan, one of the world’s most celebrated fashion designers, discusses business philosophies, the soulful economy and the Zen of Ferrari

the 1957 San Marco fitted with a Ferrari V12; photo Henry Thibault


In the 1950s, Ferrari’s motorsport successes attracted the attention of powerboat racers. As we reveal, it was a union that was to yield record-breaking results

Biver with his 275 GTB4 at home in Montreaux

Time? A matter of opinion

Jean-Claude Biver is recognised as one of the true geniuses of Swiss watchmaking and, meeting him, we understand why. He derives his strife for perfection and love for innovation from some of the most beautiful charateristics of human nature: the need to remain childlike, a love of tradition and a taste for excellence

The Ferrari 166 SC driven by Nuvolari in the 1000 Miglia in 1948

Against All Odds

How Tazio Nuvolari’s return to Ferrari, scene of some of his greatest triumphs, re-energised
the legendary Flying Mantuan

Derek Bell in action 1968 at the wheel of a Ferrari 312-F1

A Professional Gentleman

Derek Bell raced for Ferrari in Formula One and Le Mans, but the British driver’s long and winding CV still means that even some of the most dedicated Ferraristi aren’t aware of his strong ties to Maranello



Tom Meade was a Californian dreamer who infiltrated Modena’s world-renowned “carrozziere” during the 1960s, creating a stunning series of one-off specials. We remember a man who was as much adventurer as car designer