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“Everyone dreams of driving a Ferrari, it was my intent from the start.” — Enzo Ferrari

Green jewels

Green jewels

Red, or rather Il Rosso, has been associated with Ferrari since the Company’s inception, but other colours have played their part in the Prancing Horse’s illustrious history too, the rarest of which is definitely green. However, there have been many famous cars, such as the Thinwall Specials, the GTOs and Barchettas, all in vibrant, verdant shades

Pedro de la Rosa, is the third F1 Ferrari driver for the 2013 season

Wind power

Ferrari’s new test driver Pedro De La Rosa is convinced that greener energy resources are key to the planet’s wellbeing. And, as the Spaniard reveals, they also have a crucial role to play both in Formula One and modern performance cars.

A Rare Breed


A selection of the rarest Ferraris. It’s a journey that encompasses the Company’s entire 65-year
history and includes some radical and remarkable cars

Pass Judgement

Pass Judgement

If you want to climb the Stelvio Pass, one of the most fascinating routes in the Alps, this is the prospect before you: 48 hairpin bends on the South Tyrol side, 40 on the Lombardy side, where we shot the images on these pages. That’s where you’ll climb more than 1,500 metres to an altitude of 2,758 metres in 21km, an absolute dream for those who like driving uphill. With 483hp, 30 more than before, where better to test the new Ferrari California 30 Handling Speciale, and who better to drive it than Ferrari hill racing champion, Leo Isolani?


Watch out for these two

How do you drive an F12berlinetta? We asked Fernando Alonso who, faced with such an extreme test at Fiorano, didn’t want to do without the assistance of his F1 Race Engineer Andrea Stella. How did it go? We hear it directly from the lucky, and very brave, passenger himself

458 Italia in China

China: 20 years Together

In the space of just two decades, China has established itself as a crucial market for Ferrari. The creation of 20 exclusive 458 Italias to celebrate the 20th anniversary of the first registration, and the opening of a new exhibition at the Shanghai World Expo Park, confirms the strong bonds between country and Company