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“Everyone dreams of driving a Ferrari, it was my intent from the start.” — Enzo Ferrari


Artistic drive

The painter and sculptor Cornelia Hagmann explains why her LaFerrari is the perfect expression of creative vitality and how the Prancing Horse continues to be an inspiration


Go Forth

The California T unites a typically charismatic Ferrari engine with all the benefits of new Turbo technology, which reduces consumption and emissions, while delivering an almost limitless supply of extra power. With this car, pleasure and performance go further

Jim Gianopulos (photo by Robert Gallagher)

The King Of Hollywood

Jim Gianopulos is one of the most powerful men in the world of global entertainment. In this exclusive interview, we find out how cars, and Ferraris in particular, offer inspiration and escape

Donna Karan

Fashion’s First Lady

Donna Karan, one of the world’s most celebrated fashion designers, discusses business philosophies, the soulful economy and the Zen of Ferrari


The Ferrari Guide: Turin

The former capital of the Kingdom of Italy, Turin has always had an aristocratic, slightly reserved air. It remains the capital of the Italian motor car, home to Fiat and the Agnellis, along with the Bertone, Pininfarina and Giugiaro families, and other celebrated craftsmen and car specialists. With its regal history providing a backdrop, Turin always looks to the future, with its busy cultural centre, devoted to design and contemporary art. We present the best of this intriguing city

Fellini and the adventuress

Fellini and the adventuress

It is us who give value and emotion to things, with our knowledge and memories. Classic cars, race meetings and events such as the tribute to Targa Florio allow us to relive happy, carefree years,
when the automobile was also a means for adventurous conquests



To test the new 458 Speciale’s capabilities to the full, we asked the team behind this pioneering model to take it up into the hills surrounding Maranello. Certainly no simulation would have generated such an enthusiastic response

Off limits

Off limits

The flash of a camera catching you when you exceeded the speed limit, the signal warning you of a speed radar: this is the least pleasant part of this issue’s theme of sound and light, but a subject still worthy of discussion

Thinking Freely

Thinking Freely

A very special Ferrari, for your own enjoyment, without any rules or regulations. a desert buggy created especially for Ferrari World Abu Dhabi and left on the back burner. madness? Why should it be, in a world where progress flattens ideas and imagination? Ferrari’s mysticism ennobles it. if you like the idea of it and indeed would like to have it, write to me:

The Ferrari Guide:Rio de Janeiro

The Ferrari Guide: Rio de Janeiro

A UNESCO World Heritage Site since 2012, Rio de Janeiro is known as the Cidade Maravilhosa (the Wonderful City), a true spectacle of nature, where sandy beaches, clear blue sea and mountains covered by dense tropical vegetation contrast with urban sprawl. Among the city’s many charms, and perhaps even more celebrated than the annual carnival, is the Corcovado Mountain with its Christ The Redeemer statue, which dominates a truly unique landscape