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Marco della Cava

Excellent Vintage

Excellent Vintage

No other driver has ever performed in the US and in Europe as a true champion quite like Mario Andretti, racing Ferraris to victory in both Formula One and sports series. He will always have a racer’s heart, but today his passion is also for his wine, produced in the Napa Valley

Ben Sloss with his 599XX Evo bought at an auction for Italian hearthquake victims

Search engineer

In an exclusive interview, Benjamin Sloss, Google’s senior vice president of engineering, proudly explains how he came to buy the last ever 599XX Evoluzione at an auction organised by Ferrari to raise money for Italian earthquake victims. And, as he reveals, his passion for the Prancing Horse is very much a family affair


Garage Band

Noisy, glamorous and with that teasing frisson of danger, fast cars and rock stars have always been made for each other. We discover how, in the glittery world of the guitar hero and Ferrari collector Sammy Hagar, the power of the Prancing Horse has even influenced his singing style