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Luca Colajanni

Kobayashi in the 375-F1

Rising son

Kamui Kobayashi, the talented former Sauber F1 driver who can now be found at the wheel of a Ferrari 458 GT2, discovers the Museo Ferrari, where he learns all about the Company’s history. Through his eyes, we also discover the extraordinary supercar exhibition, held at the Museum until the end of September

Pedro de la Rosa, is the third F1 Ferrari driver for the 2013 season

Wind power

Ferrari’s new test driver Pedro De La Rosa is convinced that greener energy resources are key to the planet’s wellbeing. And, as the Spaniard reveals, they also have a crucial role to play both in Formula One and modern performance cars.

Ferrari California HS and Felipe Massa

Racing at home

With Rafaela and Felipe Massa in the new more powerful and lighter California HS on the streets of the Principality of Monaco, awaiting the Formula One Grand Prix. Felipe and Rafaela live in the city: what effect will driving on their home streets have on them?

Samuel Eto'o at Maranello; photo Thomas Lewis

African pride

Samuel Eto’o is one of the most respected footballers in the world. he loves Europe and Ferrari, but likes to say that if he’s in Europe during the day, at night he sleeps in Africa. His patriotism and his passionate belief in a great future for the African continent matches his determination to win the biggest challenges on the pitch

Felipe Massa, photo: Callo

Must Fly

The work of a Ferrari driver doesn’t end once a grand prix is over on a Sunday evening. We see Felipe Massa flying around Europe in his Piaggio Aero Avanti II to model unveilings, sponsor events and track dates