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Jason Barlow


Go Forth

The California T unites a typically charismatic Ferrari engine with all the benefits of new Turbo technology, which reduces consumption and emissions, while delivering an almost limitless supply of extra power. With this car, pleasure and performance go further

Jim Gianopulos (photo by Robert Gallagher)

The King Of Hollywood

Jim Gianopulos is one of the most powerful men in the world of global entertainment. In this exclusive interview, we find out how cars, and Ferraris in particular, offer inspiration and escape

Derek Bell in action 1968 at the wheel of a Ferrari 312-F1

A Professional Gentleman

Derek Bell raced for Ferrari in Formula One and Le Mans, but the British driver’s long and winding CV still means that even some of the most dedicated Ferraristi aren’t aware of his strong ties to Maranello



Tom Meade was a Californian dreamer who infiltrated Modena’s world-renowned “carrozziere” during the 1960s, creating a stunning series of one-off specials. We remember a man who was as much adventurer as car designer



To test the new 458 Speciale’s capabilities to the full, we asked the team behind this pioneering model to take it up into the hills surrounding Maranello. Certainly no simulation would have generated such an enthusiastic response

Original and unique

Original and unique

An increasing number of clients are seeking the expert advice of the specialists of the Tailor-made programme at Maranello, each one with something different in mind. Over the following pages we present some examples of what can be achieved, from Paolo Pininfarina, who realised an FF in line with the tastes of his father Sergio, to those who wanted to re-create the classic models of Ferrari’s past, with original racing insignia, materials and colours. When it comes to personalising your own car, there really are no limits

Rush with Chris Hemsworth and Daniel-Bruhl

The duellists

Niki Lauda and James Hunt shared a rivalry that quickly developed into one of motorsport’s great narratives, energising Formula One during the 1970s. Rush, a soon to be released film directed by Ron Howard, masterfully documents that particular moment in motor racing


Red beats black

You need a big personality to front one of the world’s biggest rock bands. AC/DC lead singer Brian Johnson is a man who loves to tell a story just as much as he loves to race a car. Add his passion for the Prancing Horse and Italian family background, and you have the perfect ingredients for an exclusive Official Ferrari Magazine interview

off the scale

Off the scale

A car as genuinely iconic as the Ferrari 250 GTO deserves the very best model interpretation. To coincide with the GTO’s 50th anniversary, world-leading model manufacturer Amalgam has produced a strictly limited run of scale versions celebrating key GTOs in their finest hour

Gordon Ramsay and 458 Spider

The Masterchef in Maranello

He worked tirelessly to find success as a young chef. Now Gordon Ramsay is a global star, thanks to his hugely popular television shows. A great Ferrarista, he compares the perfection of his cooking to what he found when he visited Maranello for the first time, where he also ordered his next new car. We spent a hugely absorbing day with him