Luckily, men don’t know this

Luckily, men don’t know this

From matriarchy to religious mortification, and to a return as protagonists, women have been the backbone of humanity. Now, in a world needing vision and pragmatism, they may be the ones to show the path to a better future

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The Italian word for car is feminine: la automobile. I have asked myself more than once why such a
dynamic, powerful means of transport (even an aggressive one if we think of racing) is feminine in
gender. It took this issue of The Official Ferrari Magazine devoted to women for me to understand
the answer. And for me to understand, as a consequence, why Italian cars, and Ferraris above
all, are so special and unique. Well, the answer is right there, in the feminine gender.

A Ferrari, if thought of as female, is beautiful. Not that beauty is the prerogative of women, but clearly women make beauty a natural weapon of theirs. Women know how to seduce men, how to attract them by developing their charm through make-up, hairstyles and clothing. If among animals it is generally the male that possesses the most beautiful plumage or the thickest mane, for humankind it is the opposite. Women dress up or simply use their intelligence and natural charm, and men stay the contented victims of this unique female art. Come to think of it, animals are the same: in their case too it is the female that chooses the one who knows how to appear the most handsome, strong and brave. He struts his stuff, but it is she who is really choosing him. And in the case of humankind? The same: the woman silently chooses the man, then sharpens her weapons and deploys her seductive charms, pretending to let herself be won over, sometimes even making it hard work. You’re fooling yourselves, guys: she has done everything, giving us the impression that we are irresistible lady killers. If you think about it, wasn’t it exactly the same on the day you bought your latest Ferrari? She was beautiful and apparently unreachable. You’re first uncertain and then totally won over by the seduction of that car. Let us stay with the Ferrari. Beautiful, but also
very strong in its performance. Let’s reflect on this for a moment. Women’s capacity to respond to the most diverse situations is superior to men’s. It is useless to delude ourselves about some supposed superiority derived from the fact that our ancestors started out with bows and arrows to hunt food for the family, while women made the family, bringing children into the world and raising them. If the roles were reversed, men would need two personal assistants, a nurse and certainly a good psychiatrist. Women have a capacity to adapt to circumstances that is superior to that of us men. This applies to everything, starting with love. Let’s take again the example of the Ferrari to make a parallel with love.

A Ferrari’s specification is listed in the handbook, but it’s up to the driver to bring it to life. Those who excel at the wheel will do this. Those who are not so good will get from their Ferraris what they know how to ask for. It is not the Ferrari that goes slower, but the driver that doesn’t know how to go fast. And Ferrari, in Italian, is feminine, just like women. Conclusion? Every woman is a Ferrari, we need to be better drivers! Aella, Antiope and Clodia were Amazons, brave and warrior-like women. We wanted to symbolise the Amazons on the cover to show a warlike woman, with her bow ready to shoot the arrow towards a perfectly defined target. Only in recent decades have women known how to find that autonomy, that courage and pride that for centuries had been repressed. We are in the age of the internet, in the first phase of an information revolution that is taking us towards parameters we can barely define. Yet, one thing is certain: this unstoppable growth, and its demographic counterpart, is destined to present the
equilibrium of our planet with serious challenges. A more careful and responsible way of facing our future is needed. It is no longer the time of the continuous, bloody challenge that is so familiar to
males. It’s time for the Amazons to return to the role of warrior-like guardians of a balanced and
empathic lifestyle. A lifestyle that the female DNA contains. Thank you, female gender, for what you do and for what you will do. Ferrari included.

Ferrari Tribute to Targa Florio
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After the success of 2011’s event, the extraordinary experience of the Targa Florio returns. A privilege for those who own a Ferrari

From 10-14 October the re-creation of the famous Targa Florio race in Sicily. The Ferrari Targa
Florio, open to every type of Ferrari, classic or contemporary, will run again this year. An enthralling race will feature a series of time trials that will take place at regular intervals in the
most beautiful and unknown parts of the island of Sicily, providing participants with a wonderful
opportunity to discover the magic of this unique place. The race unfolds over three days: the first
stage takes place at the traditional starting point of the Targa, at the viewing galleries of Cerda, before then continuing on to a larger part of the classic course. Leaving this, over the successive two days, the race will then take place on spectacular and challenging roads that in the past were used for the Giro d’Sicilia. These include the drive up to Mount Etna and the special trials on the
Pergusa circuit. Further details can be found online at
Arriverderci in Sicilia!

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