It happened today – 26 July

It happened today

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On 26th July, Spa Francorchamps hosted its 24 Hours race, counting towards the first World Sports Car Championship. Ferrari entered three crews, all of them running 375 MM Pinin Farina Berlinettas. Car 6 was in the hands of Luigi Villoresi and Alberto Ascari, number 9 was for Umberto Maglioli and Piero Carini and the 8 car was for Giuseppe Farina and Mike Hawthorn.

It was this last car that set the fastest time in qualifying, thanks to a truly virtuoso performance from Hawthorn who did the lap, in those days over 14 kilometres in length, in 4’39”, at an average speed of over 180 km/h. In the race, cars 6 and 9 had to retire, while Farina and Hawthorn made the most of the retirements to take their 375 to victory.

Between them, the pair completed 260 laps at over 150 km/h average speed, beating the two Jaguars with which they shared the podium by 18 and 29 laps respectively.

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