It Happened Today – 15 July

It Happened Today

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On 15th July 1990, the British Grand Prix was run on this particular track layout for the final time. Ferrari were on great form after Prost’s two wins in Mexico and France. Mansell took pole at an average speed of over 255 km/h, half a second faster than the rest, led by Ayrton Senna and Gerhard Berger in the McLarens and Thierry Boutsen in the Williams, while Prost started from fifth.

Mansell got away well at the start, but was overtaken by Senna who barged past to lead into the first corner. Behind them came Berger, Prost, Boutsen and Jean Alesi in the Tyrrell. On lap 9, Nigel attacked going into the Woodcote chicane, but Senna got him back at the exit. One lap later, same place, same move but this time Mansell made it stick to lead the race. A few hundred metres later and Senna ran wide at the first corner, went over the kerb and the car spun. He stopped on the grass without damage and got going again down the back.

On lap 16, Prost passed Boutsen at the chicane, while out in front, Mansell began to have gear selection problems and ended up being overtaken by Berger. Once his gearbox started working again, the Englishman retook the position on lap 28, with Prost doing the same thing before closing on Mansell and getting the jump on him on lap 43.

On lap 56, Mansell’s gearbox let go completely and the Englishman was so disappointed that after the race, he announced he was retiring from racing at the end of the season. In fact, he switched to Williams. Prost went on to win without much trouble and on the podium he was flanked by Boutsen and Senna.

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