Thinking Freely

Thinking Freely

A very special Ferrari, for your own enjoyment, without any rules or regulations. a desert buggy created especially for Ferrari World Abu Dhabi and left on the back burner. madness? Why should it be, in a world where progress flattens ideas and imagination? Ferrari’s mysticism ennobles it. if you like the idea of it and indeed would like to have it, write to me:

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Among the professional experiences I will never be able to forget, there will always remain that of the invention, development and construction of Ferrari World Abu Dhabi. This experience, which has been my work for four years, would certainly find a place in an issue of the magazine dedicated to “difference”. What, in fact, could be more different than an enormous theme park, covered by a dome of almost 200,000sqm, dedicated to a very special automobile marque that is identified by a proud prancing black horse? But that isn’t the story I want to tell now.

As always happens to someone who, like me, has essentially remained a child, each new venture becomes a wonderful game with no boundaries. I am frightened when I meet those people who, when faced with a new project, first think of it in terms of costs. I like to give full rein to my imagination, to even think of what is impossible, or at least different, and then move on to reality. Is that a mistake? Too childish? I’d say not (of course), because on many occasions I’ve seen that my “free” ideas have respected the accounts much more than others that were agonised over at length. And, what’s more, they produce an added value, one rarely achieved by rigorously respecting the Cartesian path.

Unfortunately, these types of offbeat ideas can’talways become reality. When working on big projects it is not always possible to get around all the obstacles that are cleverly set up along the way. In the case of Ferrari World Abu Dhabi, many of my ideas were put on the back burner and today, faced with the magnificence of the completed work, one can even say that was a good thing. There was no need to put all the meat on the grill at the same time. Now, on the other hand, they can be revealed, ready for new initiatives which, after the first launch phase, may renew interest in this magical place.

Among those things left on the back burner, there wasone that I would like to talk about: the construction of a Ferrari vehicle capable of simultaneously conjuring up the emotions of Formula One and of providing an offroad drive in the desert. The design details speak for themselves: a tubular chassis, height-adjustable suspensions, mini-wings and headlights for possible future use also on the road, 458 Italia-type V8 engine and relative gearbox, electronics for traction control, ABS and bodywork that is very similar to that of the F1 car. Naturally, with on-board video cameras, front and rear, to record your feats, and you can set off without any fear or danger. The Ferrari desert buggy would have been able to show what it can do in the hands of the most adventurous visitors, on a suitable track, signposted by only the most necessary markers, rather like buoys in sailing regattas, leaving the driver to choose the most convenient route between each of them, depending on the lie of the land and the traffic.

What a blast! And then why restrict such a thing to Ferrari World Abu Dhabi? I personally would have got behind its wheel to take part in what is still the most beautiful race in the world: the Baja 1000 in California. But others could have bought this special single-seater to run around on their properties, or go out into the Nevada desert, or into any of those free spaces where one can enjoy a mystical contact with nature. A contact mediated by another, very powerful mysticism that we all know very well: that mysticism that Ferrari can produce and which nothing else can ever come close to.

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